Saturday, January 9, 2010

song #1 DONE! "snowglobe"

Inspiration has struck! It has been snowing here in Nashville, Tennessee for the last 2 days non stop! And I can't get enough! I am one who is deeply inspired by landscape and scenery such as this snow all around... It just does something to me! It moves me.  It makes my heart flutter,  my every breath taste like chocolate. I feel as though I am experiencing heaven on earth when these moments of beauty jump through my eye gates.

So, as I was leaving Kroger last night with dinner in hand, I stepped off the curb into what felt like was a snow globe... You know, those moments when time just stops and you forget all your troubles and you just smile because at that moment you are filled with such utter bliss. I looked up into the dark sky as the snow fell, stuck my tongue out to catch a snowflake, and just smiled. I felt like a kid, all by myself content and happy inside my personal snow globe.

There has been much discussion on the topic of snow globes lately in our home. I recently purchased one for my 8 year old daughter, Juliana, for Christmas. It's beautiful and she finds such perfect joy in it! It has an angel in the middle and plays silent night. Let me tell you, this snow globe did not get put away with all the other Christmas decorations. Oh no, it sitting right by her bed, and every night she twists the little twister thing and it sings her to sleep. What joy and happiness that angel must find watching a beautiful little girl fall asleep to her lovely melody... Who wouldn't want to live inside a snow globe!? At least for a few hours out of the day anyway. Your own personal bubble... You can't hear anyone else, peace and quiet except for an occasional melody, and everyone who looks at you smiles! Oh and yes, a blizzard or 2 to shake things up a bit! Yet the cares of the world are still far away.

As I looked out the window this morning and saw that it was STILL snowing I thought to myself AGAIN "It's like a snow globe out there,  I am living in a snow globe," and WHAM, that's when it struck. All of these happy little moments in the midst of a beautifully complicated life, came meshing together.... This song was born. It's called Snow Globe.  I hope you like it :)
xxoo Sarah

I'm pretty sure we will soon be enlarging our snow globe collection if Juliana and I have anything to to with it.  

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