Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Overly ambitious?

So, maybe my goal was a little lofty, at least for me. But, I must say, even though it has been about 4 days since my last post and one song, this really has heightened my awareness of things going on around me. It has caused me to take time to sit down and document what I am seeing and hearing. Really seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling. I am thinking differently about all of the things I do in a normal day. Thinking about how THIS moment could be sung. There are so many moments that are truly precious each and every normal day, and really the thought of those moments being put to a beautiful melody kinda intoxicates me. It makes me think that if I really put this into practice, than maybe the days won't fly by quite so fast with very little memory of what happened on a given day.

Let's take yesterday for example. I had a very deep, intense Facebook chat with a friend who I have not seen or even spoken to in years. But we often chat through Facebook. She has been going through a very difficult time in her life, and this particular moment was a very low moment, and she was expressing this to me. I began, in my ever-so encouraging way (those who know me know that I am hopelessly optimistic) to try to uplift her. Telling her that God has a plan for her life and on, and on. Well at this moment, that was not helping her. She proceeded to tell me that MANY people tell her this all the time and WHY does it seem so difficult to find out what that is.... We continued conversing, in quite an intense manor. Things were getting a little uncomfortable for me. After all, I was just trying to help! .... After a bit of time, my kids had all gotten out of bed and they were hungry and so on, so we sort of wrapped up the conversation a bit haphazardly. As I began to fix breakfast for the kids, I was talking to God about the situation, "Lord, how can I help her?", He quietly responded to me, "Sarah, she never asked for your help.  She just needs a friend."
I dwelt on this thought for hours afterward and realized how true this is. I so often want to fix people, so they can go on their merry way and so I can feel a little better about myself "Yay me! Look how I helped."The thought of unconditional love toward people and what  kind of action that truly is not ALWAYS about "helping", but often times just about listening. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you....
So, this is what came out of those deep thoughts and prayers yesterday.

            Friend               by Sarah Tweet

...She just needs a friend
   I tell you
   Just an ear to hear
   And not to judge...
   Not someone to plunge into
   "Well you should do this"
   And, "Why aren't you doing that?"

   ... Just, a friend...
   Someone who sees her beauty
   Nothing more and nothing less
   To love and adore
   The creation she is
   And nothing more
   Without judgment or reproach

   Will true healing ever take place?
   Who ever will know?
   .... But this I know
   The God of grace has forever embraced
   Me! In this unfathomable way!
   And in response to me
   He says "All I ask of thee, My child
   Is, that in return, you, would love her to Me."

Forever documented. This moment. It was not a fun moment or one filled with joy, but one that is very shaping in the way that I treat others.

This process helps me to stop and smell the roses so to speak. To slow down and really ponder what this life is all about. The beauty and sorrow of it all. So even if this goal is overly ambitious,  I can see already that how doing something just a little bit different than last year has the potential to grow me in a big way.

Thanks for reading,
 XOXO Sarah

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