Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back on the Wagon!

So, I kinda fell of the wagon..... BUT,  I am getting back on!!! It may not be 50 in 60,  but there is for sure some great music coming your way soon.
Oh, how the ideas have been flowing and rolling around in my head.... I need to pause more often and pull out the old iphone and simply hit the RECORD button!! GRRRR.... Why is it that inspiration hits in the middle of the grocery store or while your chatting with a friend or in the middle of taking a shower!? Is it just me that this happens to? And I think to myself,  "I will finish my task and I'm sure I will remember what that amazing thought or romantic melody was in just a few minutes"... but somehow it fades away, like the names of all those cool people you met at your friends birthday party last weekend. It just don't stick... (especially after having 3 kids).  But,  I will say that there have been a few moments lately that I HAVE captured some very wonderful ideas that I hope to get a chance to put in song form and share with you very, very soon.... aaahhh... It brings me great relief to say that.

Also, I have recently connected  with a wonderful young lady by the name of Kelli Trontell who has quickly become a great friend {she is near and dear to my heart} and is also a singer/songwriter (and an incredible photographer). We have decided to do some writing together!   I cannot wait to see what comes out of this... Hold on to your seats people!

So much beautiful craziness has taken place since my last post and I don't intend to wait so long to post the next... Lots to share.

Stay tuned!